Spider-Man PS4 Review

Spider-Man 🎵 Spider-Man 🎵 does whatever a spider can 🎵…

Seriously though, here’s my SPOILER FREE review of Spider-Man. I do cover some game mechanics/systems but nothing that should be considered a spoiler and I definitely stay away from story spoilers.

Spider-Man sets a new bar for the Comic book character video game genre. The Rocksteady Batman series raised the bar and few have managed to reach it until now and Spider-Man slingshots past it. The characters, writing, humour, voice acting, set pieces, story, graphics and controls are all masterclass. This is truly a game crafted by a group of passionate fans building their dream vision for a character they clearly love.

Spider-Man is an open world adventure game based on the complete landmass of Manhattan, landmarks and all. The main campaign took me around 26 hours plus or minus to complete with some side activities completed. I’m only 84% complete according to my save file with plenty of things left to do. The city is alive and filled with side missions, challenges and plenty of fun collectibles to boot.

The traversal mechanic of swinging around the city is a joy and something I don’t think I will ever get bored of. The momentum and motion while swinging through the city of Manhattan just feels so right that it had me grinning the whole time with a smile on my face. Besides the standard web swing Spider-Man has plenty of movement options. He can run up walls, use his crawling skills to stealthily climb, hang from ceilings and sling shot himself through and over objects for that extra burst of speed. The options of how you get around are a plenty and all feel so good so that you will gladly cross town and skip using the fast travel.

The combat at first seems simple and similar to other games like Batman but is in fact a very deep system. Mixing stealth takedowns, ranged control, counters, throws, aerial combos, gadgets, environmental attacks, finishers and super moves that allow for many play styles and endless variations. New super moves are unlocked with new Spidey suits and upto 3 mods can be installed depending on your fighting style. An example of a couple mods are there is one that can heal more or another to take less damage, there are plenty that offer many different perks depending on your playstyle. Suit powers and mods can be used with any suit once unlocked. This depth makes taking out bad guys a pleasure and always fun considering there are so many ways to deal with your enemies it never gets old.

Like most modern games Spider-Man implements an RPG style leveling system that unlocks new abilities via 3 different skill trees and a max character level of 50. Gadgets, mods and Spidey suits are unlocked and upgraded using tokens. Side missions, street crimes, challenges, gang hideouts, collectibles and more reward various tokens types used by Spider-Man’s upgrades and unlocks. This system adds rewards on top of doing the task itself and is a great system to motivate you to complete all the various tasks spread around the city.

Graphically Spider-Man is a treat to the eyes with beautiful city skylines, vistas and stunning action set pieces that seamlessly transition into gameplay all enriched in stunning HDR and 4K. Manhattan looks amazing during changing weather and day night cycles, all the famous New York landmarks are there as well. Some sweet easter egg locations for the real comic book nerds are out there too. The combination of the incredible backdrop of Manhattan and Spidey’s fantastic traversal mechanics makes this open world unlike any other and a truly exquisite delight. As a side note any drama surrounding a visual downgrade has been debunked by Digital Foundry and in fact the final retail version of the game is an upgrade from what we’ve been shown at past events like E3.

The story is an excellent comic book story arc like I’ve never played before in a superhero video game. The characters, development and voice acting is all spectacular. Yuri Lowenthal voices Peter Parker and is my favorite version of Spider-Man ever, period. I like Insomniac’s version even better than the already excellent version played by Tom Holland in the new MCU movies. In fact all the characters, including villains are portrayed so well that you easily empathize and relate to them. The game brims with charm and humour that honestly had me laughing out loud. There are some surprising reveals and twists along during the main story that would make any comic book fan happy. Clearly Insomniac new they had a winner on their hands and spoiler alert this game and universe is set up perfectly for a future sequel.

Spider-Man is so good that I felt compelled to write this review and we don’t even really do reviews here. Bottom line is that I had so much fun with Spider-Man, it reminded me of why I love video games and super heroes. Do yourself a favor, you should definitely check it out when Spider-Man releases this Friday on PS4.

Oh and for those who like scores, I give Spider-Man:

10 / 10

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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Reviews

Witcher 3

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is the third game in the series, which started off on PC. The game takes protagonist Geralt of Rivia on a quest to track down Ciri, the Child of Prophecy. Ciri will even play a much bigger role later on. In parts of the game you’ll get to control her, a first for the series.

Here are the scores, and as usual, they’re out of ten, unless where noted.

Gamespot – 10
IGN – 9.3
Kotaku – Yes
GameTrailers – 9.8
Metro – 9
IGN Italy – 9.1
GamesVillage – 8.7
Gram.pl – 8.5
PlayStation Trophies – 92 / 100
Eurogamer – no score

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is out May 19 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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Bloodborne is in an interesting position. Its lineage as a Hidetaka Miyazaki dungeon crawler means it has to live up to the expectations of fans of Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls. But as a brand new PS4 exclusive, it has to differentiate itself from the other games.

Moreover, it has to keep the diabolical Miyazaki amused, so that means Bloodborne is even more full of tricks and challenges than the Souls games.

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My spoiler free Man of Steel movie review.


Ladies and Gentlemen, if there is one movie you go see this summer, go see Man of Steel. I have been waiting my whole life for a Superman movie that would be as big and grandiose as I felt a Superman movie deserves to be. Finally, with the combined star power of Zack Snyder and Christopher Nolan, we have that film. They have managed to take Superman from the Campy, very comic, borderline terrible (we loved them because we didn’t know any better) films of the past, and transform him into this absolutely incredible, grounded, more serious, yet still fun, epic film we have today.

This is an origins film, but it is a reboot of the Superman franchise. They manage to tell Superman’s origin in a way that feels fresh, not overly drawn out, and is exciting for both fan and non-fan alike. The beginning on Krypton, is visually breathtaking, and does a great job of Introducing Russell Crowe as Jor-El, as well as Michael Shannon as General Zod. From there we are shown, through flashbacks, a young Clark Kent, and are treated to a bit of insight into how difficult it was growing up with these strange powers, and how important the moral guidance from the Kent family was. They took some liberties here with the mythos, and just like anytime you make changes to a character like this, some fans will hate it, and others, will accept and enjoy it. Personally, I felt they were acceptable changes and only served to strengthen my enjoyment of the film.

This movie has some absolutely INCREDIBLE battle scenes. I mean never have I seen anything like it. The scale of the destruction from the fights… WOW. Zack Snyder and company NAILED these fight scenes. You can tell the love and care they put into them, the sense of scale is just mind-blowing.  I think my mouth just hung open in awe for almost the second half of this film. We have seen some pretty epic battle scenes recently (Avengers anyone?) but nothing prepared me for the raw visceral kick that this film produced. They are big, HUGE, over the top battles, and I loved every second of them.

Part of what makes the battle scenes so believable is the music and sound. Hans Zimmer did a wonderful job of the score, the music really sets the tone, and he really went to the next level to make every scene feel so surreal and legendary. The sound effects in this film, with all the different battle scenes and special effects, simply shines. You will want to see this movie in the best quality cinema possible, it is worth it.

I feel as though they did a great job casting this film. Henry Cavill is a wonderful Superman, not only does he look and act the part, but I felt that he did a great job of conveying the emotional side of the character as well. Micheal Shannon is a fantastic General Zod, delivering a legendary performance and truly selling the character to the audience. When I first heard Amy Adams was Lois Lane I was nervous, but it turns out I had nothing to worry about, as she does a great job of being that brave, plucky reporter that we know and love. She and Clark have great chemistry together and it really goes a long way in the film to create attachment with these characters. There was the odd character throughout the film that felt a little campy (mainly a daily bugle reporter or two) but overall I was very pleased with the acting in this film.

After having seen this film, I couldn’t come up with any real gripes that I had. There will be people out there that will hate on the mythos changes, but I personally found them acceptable, enjoyable even. There will be some who will hate on it because it’s so unrealistic, Ummm guys, it is a film about aliens, and super-powered beings, so of course it will be unrealistic. I am sure that there will be the people that will hate on it because this is a more serious, less campy Superman, they will say it doesn’t “feel” like a Superman film. All I can say to that is, FINALLY, the Superman movie I have been waiting for my whole life, has finally arrived. When someone asks if I want to see it again, the answer will be an astounding, YES.

By Dayne “Anjel” Cody


Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance PS3 Review


Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is one hell of a wild ride. It’s not a long ride, but the time you spend on it is well worth the price of admission. It throws you into the action, and outside of the cutscenes, it never really lets up until it’s over. Platinum Games and Hideo Kojima decided that while it may only be about 5-7 hours per play through, they were going to cram as much into them as they could, and god am I glad they did.

The story is exactly what you would expect from Hideo Kojima with a Platinum Games flair. It has all of your usual Hideo Kojima ramblings about life, power, environment and war as an economy. It’s big, it’s outlandish, and it’s HUGELY over the top, but in this context, it fits the game perfectly. If you’re not a Metal Gear fan, then you will enjoy seeing how the universe changed after the events of MGS4, and how all of that led to the events in Rising. If your not a Metal Gear Solid fan, well then skip to the good stuff and enjoy the rest of the ride. The story is really there for the fans, and as a fan I appreciated that. But I also understand there are those out there who do not, luckily there is a bit here for everyone.


Metal Gear Rising’s combat is fast and furious. They give you a weak and strong attack, which you can chain together to produce combo’s. Combo’s start with just your basic chain, but once you start leveling up your move set, you gain access to bigger and stronger combo moves. Once you do enough of these combo’s and fill your power gauge, you can go into what is essentially “blade time”. Blade time essentially slows everything down and allows you to use the right analog stick to free swing your sword. You can use this time to deal out as much damage as possible as well as use precise blade cutting on a target to do some massive damage. For example: you can remove limbs, heads and sometimes if you’re fighting the right enemy, the left arm for a bonus. Sometimes after you have worn an enemy down or blocked correctly and you trigger blade time a little red box will show up. If you manage to slash within that box you will be rewarded with a “zandatsu”  What that basically means is, you will reach in and rip out your enemies guts and use them to recharge your own, it is a bit gruesome, but all of the enemies in the game are cyborgs, so you don’t have to feel bad. Defense also plays a pivotal role in Metal Gear Rising. Instead of giving you a block button, the only way to block in Rising is by pressing the light attack button and pushing in the direction of the enemy. It is a good system, one that is easy enough to be useful, but engaging enough to keep it interesting.


As you progress, the game also allows you to use secondary weapons. These are usually after a boss fight and allow you to have a variation of their own weapon. I personally didn’t find them all that useful, as there is a slight pause when pulling a secondary weapon out, and as such I found it more fluid to play with the default sword. But some of the secondary weapons are kind of fun. The Sai for example, while not overly powerful, allows you to disrupt the enemy A.I, stunning them, which allows you to really go to town on that enemy. So by including them they allow for some changes to the play style and variety. There are also consumable weapons such as grenades, rocket launchers and the like. Again, I personally did not find these all that useful, save for the odd time i shot at a helicopter with a rocket launcher.


Graphically I found Rising to be a beautiful game. The frame rate was very stable, even during crazy boss battles or hectic chases. One of the cooler features in the game is the ability to slow down time and chop stuff up. While doing it, there is a little counter in the corner telling you how many pieces it has ended up in. The camera was, for the most part, very good, although there were a few times that it did get a little crazy. Overall, for this kind of game, the camera was very good. I found the voice work as a whole to be fairly solid as well. Although, I am still not sure if the guy they chose to voice Raiden (Quinton Flynn) was the best choice, as I feel out of all the voice work in the game his could be considered the weakest.

MGR_Japanese garden_1

Metal Gear Rising is by no means a long game. I think on my first play though I logged around 6 hours. There is also, in true Metal Gear Solid tradition, VR Missions to unlock, as well as many collectibles and secrets. Also, I do know they are planning on releasing some DLC as well, so that should help bring some people back for another go. For myself personally, I liked the length, nothing about it ever felt like they were adding fluff to make the game longer.  But if you are the kind of person who will burn though this in 2 days and then be angry that it’s not longer, well then, this game is clearly not for you. But if you are the person who always wondered what would happen if Platinum Games made a game set in the Metal Gear Solid universe with crazy cyborg ninjas, hacking through cars and don’t mind a shorter playtime. Well then, man, do I have the game for you.


Score: 9/10

By Dayne “Anjel” Cody

Review: Mark of the Ninja – Xbox Live Arcade

A ninja is powerful yet fragile. Quick but deliberate. Mark of the Ninja is a stealth platformer that puts you in control of a Ninja who’s clan is in danger of extinction. Observe your enemies from the darkness, manipulate them with simple yet versatile tools, and experience what it is to be a Ninja. From the award-winning studio that brought you Shank, Mark of the Ninja is a game about finesse, manipulation, and sacrifice.

Mark of the Ninja is a completely fresh gaming experience, a 2D stealth action platformer unlike anything else . The basics are simple, remain shrouded in darkness and become invisible to your enemies. The main objective of the game is be remain unseen, stay out the light and avoid making noise as to avoid detection. Of course this is all accomplished using your stealthy ninja skills, while clinging to walls and ceilings, hiding in air vents or crawl spaces, ducking in door ways or behind various objects and swinging around using your grapple hook.

While in stealth if you sneak up on an unsuspecting foe you’ll be rewarded with an especially graphic and violent cut scene of you executing your mark. Deliver a silent kill and earn extra XP, hide the body and earn more. Being a true stealth game sneaking past your enemies without killing them offers even more rewards and is an acceptable play style. Starting the game with only a basic set of moves, executions, and distraction items you earn medals that you can then use to purchase new unlocks. New items and techniques open up new options for dealing with your foes, early in the game you can only peak through grates but after a couple levels you unlock the ability to do executions from these hiding places.

The animation and graphics in Mark of the Ninja is beautiful, you’ll often forget you’re playing a video game and think you’re watching an R-Rated anime. The unique art style and world is stunning and sets it apart from everything else out there. The cut scenes are beautifully animated and flow seamlessly between the stages. The execution animations are graphically intense making those stealth kills especially rewarding.

While not the longest game, Mark of the Ninja does have a lot of replay-ability. Earning all the unlocks and completing side challenges will have you coming back for more. A new game plus mode will also add extra challenge to the campaign while letting you keep all your upgrades and unlocks right from the get go.

While the story isn’t amazing and some stages in the later half of the game can be platforming nightmares this isn’t enough to tarnish an amazing and unique experience. Mark of the Ninja is easily one of the best games I’ve experienced this year. For those of you worried about creativity in games disappearing worry not and look for amazing indie gems like Mark of the Ninja to carry the flame of creativity and innovation.

SCORE: 9 / 10

Mark of the Ninja
Published by: Microsoft
Developed by: Klei
Genre: Stealth Platformer
Release Date: September 7, 2012
System: Xbox Live Arcade
MSRP: 1200 MS Points
Rated: M for Mature

By Ricardo “Rico” Ferreira

Review: New Super Mario Bros. 2 – Nintendo 3DS

To say the truth there isn’t much “new” in New Super Mario Bros. 2, but that isn’t a bad thing. Nintendo has taken a relatively safe, if it ain’t broken don’t fix it approach to a classic formula that everyone already loves. That doesn’t mean that Nintendo hasn’t made any progress in the series though. There are a bunch of new features however probably not as many as an old school Mario veteran may like.

New Super Mario Bros. 2 shares the same old princess has been kidnapped story line but this time the Koopalings make a return to power as the main baddies. You’ll find Mario traversing the Mushroom Kingdom on an overhead map similar to the prequel and Wii versions with multiple routes and secrets to be found. There are over 8 worlds filled with Ghost Houses, Mushroom Houses and of course the end of world Boss Castles. Gameplay is classic Super Mario Bros at its finest, jumping and bouncing along all the while merrily collecting those shiny golden coins. My favorite addition to the game though is the return of the Super Leaf which turns Mario into Raccoon Mario and gives him the ability to fly. In addition to the Super Leaf though Mario can wear coin boxes on his head for huge coin bonuses and use the new Golden Flower to hurl golden fireballs that turn everything into coins. The Giant Mushroom and Tiny Mushrooms also make a return but you’ll only use them a couple times during the entire adventure.

The biggest features to be added though are the Coin Rush and Co-op modes. In Coin Rush you are challenged to collect coins across 3 random levels having only 1 life and against the clock. The big reward here though is that all the coins collected are doubled after each level is successfully completed. This mode will definitely add to the re-playability of New Super Mario Bros. 2 and be essential to completing the games extra goal of collecting 1 Million Coins. Co-op is pretty much just that, using 2 systems and unfortunately 2 carts you and a buddy can earn double the coins and take down bosses together. Co-op is definitely a welcome feature as every game is better when playing with a friend, unless that friend totally sucks.

New Super Mario Bros. 2 is without a doubt another solid addition to the Mario series. If you’re a fan of Mario there is a lot to like here, however you may be a little disappointed if you were expecting something radically different. I on the other hand knew what I was getting into and that was classic 2D platforming perfection. New Super Mario Bros. 2 is definitely the best 2D platformer on the 3DS and worth a look whether you’re into Mario or not.

SCORE: 8.5 / 10

New Super Mario Bros. 2
Published by: Nintendo
Developed by: Nintendo
Genre: Platformer
Release Date: August 19, 2012
MSRP: $39.99
Rated: E for Everyone
By Ricardo “Rico” Ferreira