Planetside 2 BETA Code Giveaway – Contest is over thanks for playing guys!

Contest is over, congrats to our winner:
Jeffrey A. Carlington!

By Ricardo “Rico” Ferreira

33 thoughts on “Planetside 2 BETA Code Giveaway – Contest is over thanks for playing guys!

  1. Leon vd Linde

    I have watched this trailer of PS2 like 20 times, and each time I hear the music play from 0:58 I get goosebumps all over and my adrenaline starts pumping, it never gets old ! This game is going to be awesome, would love to get a beta key so that I can play this trailer music over and over in my head while I play ! 😀

  2. Johan Rademeyer

    Really wish I could get a key! Been trying to get 1 for forever now! Good luck and may whoever gets it, enjoy the game 🙂

  3. StoneCold

    No offense, but initially you said you had a “ton” of codes aka a lot of codes to giveaway. And now it’s just one code for one winner ? Where’s the fun in that ?

    1. Sorry for any confusion but it was always only 1 code, I came back with tons of codes for various games from PAX that I’m giving away. Right now I have a couple Smite codes I’m giving away. I wish I had more.

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