E3 Day 1 Recap – Next Gen Sure is Pretty


Hey guys and gals, sorry this update has taken so long but its been pretty crazy here on the show floor. Obviously both Sony and Microsoft booths are standing room only as everyone is eager to get a glimpse of the next generation of console gaming. I started my day by hanging out in the Sony booth and played most of the confirmed launch titles for the PlayStation 4. Unfortunately Watch Dogs, and Infamous Second were only theatre demos and no recording was allowed. However I did get a chance to play Killzone Shadow Fall behind the scenes with the Lead Designer of the game. I was impressed, obviously it looks stunning and learning from the competition Killzone has adopted new methods of traversal and enemy takedowns that break up the monotonous gameplay that has hampered many shooters lately. Also the environments have been opened right up with multiple side objectives that help alleviate the feeling of alway being in a corridor or shooting gallery. Killzone also introduces a new drone sidekick that you can use to setup up zip lines accross the environment, hack computer terminals or simply attack your enemies, just to name a few of its abilities. I can easily say that Killzone Shadow Fall will be a day one purchase for me. I also had a chance to try out the Vita version of Killzone Mercenary and I can say that Vita will finally be getting the quality shooter we’ve been looking for. Tearaway for Vita was another stand out title that I got to spend some time with and it looks to be a great little adventure platformer.


After spending a better part of 4 hours playing around in the Sony booth I moved onto Microsoft and the PR mess that is Xbox One. Honestly I’m pretty excited for Xbox One regardless of some terrible choices they’ve made in terms of DRM, I’m sure the Xbox will have some great features and of course exclusive software. Unfortunately Microsoft didn’t want to talk about anything but games so little was learned about the console itself that we don’l already know. In their booth I got play RYSE, Forza 5, and Killer Instinct. I had a blast playing Killer Instinct except that I couldn’t combo worth shit, but it was still great. I uploaded a video and you can for yourselves, a nice side effect of all the power in these new consoles can be seen in all the lighting and particle effects.


Forza 5 looked pretty impressive as well but I’m not much of a car guy so I can’t really speak to any of the improvements. A cool feature Forza demoed though were the new triggers in the Xbox One controller which have rumble built in. With this extra level of rumble added  things as simple as starting the engine or the skidding of the tires added a new dimension which was pretty neat. We also got to see the Mclaren P1 which was pretty sweet, now wheres that extra million I had hidden away?


Finally I ended my day with a pretty lengthy play through of the RYSE demo aka QTE the video game. All jokes aside, RYSE is still pretty sweet and had a real gritty feel. the combat system was very similar to the most recent Batman games with parrying attacks and building up chains. The graphics were unbelievable and I felt like I was killing with the best of the Spartans though it remains to see if much is added otherwise it could probably get pretty repetitive. So thats about it for my late day 2 recap, things have been pretty crazy and I”l be back with more soon.


By Ricardo “Rico” Ferreira

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