Nintendo, what they need to do to get back on track.


Ok, lets get something straight right now. This is not another doom and gloom post about how Nintendo won’t be around in a few years. This is a post to remind people and maybe even Nintendo about what they seem to be forgetting. I thought I would write my opening post here at Geekoholics by saying they are not nearly as far off mark as everyone is claiming. But I understand that they have somehow gotten a little off course since the Wii U.

I think the first issue that Nintendo has with the Wii U is the name. Instead of the Wii 2 or something completely different they chose the Wii U. I feel that this doesn’t do enough to send a message to people that this is in fact a new console and not just another Wii. Even in the original E3 press conference no one was sure if this was a new controller for the Wii or if in fact it was a new console. I feel that if they do want to get people buying the Wii U they need to do a better job of educating people that this is in fact a whole new HD Wii 2!

The Second issue that Nintendo needs to address is the games. Now I think this is a twofold issue at the moment. Firstly, they need to get some good games on the way from their own first party studios. We want a new 3rd person Mario game in HD!  We want a new more grown up Zelda in HD! People buy Nintendo consoles for the great first party Nintendo games, but we don’t just want rehashes, we want something new from Nintendo that pushes the new hardware, something that we haven’t seen for a while. Maybe a new Starfox in HD? Or what about a new Fire Emblem in HD on your TV, that is not a 3DS port?  Or what about a new third person Donkey Kong? These are the kinds of games that they need to be developing.
Secondly, They have to get third party developers excited and developing for their system. We are already hearing about too many games that are bypassing the Wii U. Without that support the Wii U will always struggle. For whatever reason Nintendo seems to be scaring away developers instead of embracing them and helping them to develop for their system. Third Party Support is key here.
Thirdly, I think it is very important to land some 3rd party exclusives that make sense for that system. As great as i think it was getting Bayonetta 2 as an exclusive, it really is not the kind of game that they should be aiming for as a Wii U Exclusive. They did great with the Lego City Undercover, they need more of these kinds of creative games that work to the strength of their system. They need to start working with 3rd party developers to get unique content for their system instead of just the quick hash of current gen games. Without these no one is going to feel the need to buy a Wii U. Give me a reason to buy your console over the other guys!

The Third issue that for whatever reason seems to scare Nintendo is online. They need to get their online strategy figured out and fast. They have so much potential with so many great games, and backlogs and yet they have far and away THE WORST online out of all the current gen consoles. What happens when the PS4 or Xbox 720 come out and change the rules even further then they already are in regards to online? Nintendo needs to stop being so terrified of the Internet and embrace it like everyone else has. The next gen is ONLINE! They need to realize this and make changes to address it. They need a unified account structure for all 3DS, Wii and Wii U under one account, not linked to the actual consoles.

Lastly, as much as it pains me to say this, they need a price drop. Not even because i think the Wii U is overpriced, but they need people talking about it again. I think so many people can smell it in the air that they are not buying because even though Nintendo says they won’t do one, they feel that they are going to soon, some people just need that little nudge. If they price dropped and get some good content out/on the way, i know they would start selling again.

I think Nintendo isn’t that far off track, but if they don’t start implementing some of these, they are going to veer off a course that will be very hard to recover from.

By Dayne “Anjel” Cody


2 thoughts on “Nintendo, what they need to do to get back on track.

  1. Very interesting. I agree with this article. It feels like Nintendo is having a mid-life crisis, and they’re making several brash (and possibly regrettable) decisions that could really hurt them in the near future.

  2. I don’t think Wii U did anything wrong per se. All the points you’ve listed are things that have been said for every Nintendo product launch in history, including the wildly successful DS. Need more first party games, more Mario, more Zelda blah blah blah.

    Here’s the real issue : The gaming landscape has changed. It’s not just Nintendo having problems. Look at the new PSP Vita which is a complete flop.

    Console games are overpriced (and I’m including 3DS and Vita here) People don’t want to pay $80 for games. Hell, they don’t want to pay $60 or even $30. They want games like The Walking Dead for $5 an episode ($14.99 for the entire game) or Angry Birds for 99 cents. The key here is low price, high volume. If I spend $59 on a game, it better be the best goddamn game in the history of the world. The problem is, if I walk down to Walmart, I’ll see 14 shelves of new releases which all cost $59 and only a handful of them will be any good. A sea of shit games is okay if they cost 99 cents, but when you’re walking a minefield of crap and each square runs you $60, thats gonna end badly. Android and iPhone/iPad are taking over the gaming market. And not just casual games out there – there are some amazing titles available in the $5-$20 range. The Room, The Walking Dead, Infinity Blade, Plants vs. Zombies, Dead Space, Sword and Sworcery and many more. These are high quality games that are not expensive, and I don’t have to visit a fucking Walmart to buy them.

    Console games are not accessible. If I want to play a round of Battlefield 3 for PS3, I’ve got to walk over to my TV, find three remotes, turn on the damn amplifier, TV and console, then wait for a minute or two for the PS3 or Wii to boot up, give me a health and safety warning which I must accept EVERY FUCKING TIME, then do a System Update which takes about 30 minutes EVERY FUCKING TIME, and at this point, I don’t even want to play the game anymore. By contrast, if I want to play Walking Dead on iPad, I pick up the iPad which was sitting arms length away from me and open the lid. Done.

    There are very few titles that I would actually bother to buy for Console anymore. I’m sick of racing games, fighting games, sports games, first person shooters and side scrollers. I want games that are original and fun. Those games are not on consoles. Console games producers will not take risks. They crank out the same bullshit over and over.

    Thousands like me have abandoned the console in favour of devices like iPad and iPhone for their gaming needs. If Wii U or any console for that matter wants to succeed – they need to really give me a reason to put up with them. Games like Demon’s Souls, or GTA V which are absolutely brilliant and cannot be reproduced (yet) on an iPad are what is going to keep the consoles in business. They need to release fewer titles, increase the quality dramatically and lower their prices.

    What the Wii U needs is a killer app. And that does not mean Zelda #4598 or Mario #12381 They need a game that is so original and awesome that people talk about it because they are blown away by it. When I finished Walking Dead on iPad, I told everyone I came in contact with they needed to buy it. When I played Dishonored for PS3, I quietly shut it off and cursed myself for wasting $66 on it, and was too embarrassed to ever talk to anyone about it.

    Nintendo is at the greatest risk out of the three big guys. Microsoft will never stop, regardless of whether XBOX 720 is successful or not – as long as people buy Windows computers and they have money to float the XBOX project (and bing and windows phone while they’re at it). Sony is always going to have the hearts and minds of the general gaming public and will be where you go to get blockbuster dude-core titles like RESISTANCE 7 and CALL OF DUTY : MODERN WARFARE 15. But Nintendo is the land of Mario Party and Girlz Dogz Sitter – at the Mall! which is gonna have it’s lunch eaten big time by the Apple app store.

    Only a killer app can save them.

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