What the actual F*** Switch games are $99.99 in Canada now?

So here I was in EB Games the other day when I had to do a double take and said out loud to myself WTF?

New Nintendo Switch titles were $99.99 CAD, at first I thought I was taking crazy pills so I checked online and found the same insane prices at Amazon.ca and BestBuy.ca. Walmart.ca is still showing the old retail price of $79.99  for Mario Odyssey but you can’t pre-order as the game is out of stock. Pokkén Tournament on the other hand is $99.99 so my assumption is that Walmart.ca will be changing their prices soon for titles that haven’t been raised yet.

So, whats the deal? The Canadian dollar is almost the highest its been in a year yet our Nintendo games have shot up in price $20. I checked US pricing and as of the publishing of this story and Nintendo 1st party Switch titles are still $59.99 USD.

If you convert 59.99 USD = 77.6199 CAD so you can see why I question WTF is going on? Obviously this isn’t cool as gaming is already an expensive hobby and this price hike makes no sense.

I’ve reached out to Nintendo for comment but have yet to hear back.

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3 thoughts on “What the actual F*** Switch games are $99.99 in Canada now?

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