PLAYERUNKNOWN Teases New Desert Map Under Development

Earlier today PLAYERUNKNOWN (YES, its all caps f*ckers) posted on twitter a couple of screenshots teasing their new desert map. No release date or mention of cost was given. The screenshots look pretty damn good and have the community going crazy with speculation over the potential that bicycles might be in the new map or future patch. Battlegrounds has been a run away success as one of the most played games of 2017 and with over 4 million copies sold in 3 months since release.

I barely have a grasp on the current map but more content is a good thing. Also the support this game has gotten from such a small studio is really impressive and should make some triple A developers embarrassed.

Here’s the tweet teasing the new map below.

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One thought on “PLAYERUNKNOWN Teases New Desert Map Under Development

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