Geekoholics Anonymous Episode 18 is ready for your enjoyment!

Geekoholics Anonymous
In this week’s episode we talk about EVO 2015 and all the fighting news from biggest fighting game tournament on the planet. On our playlist Rico and Dayne hate on Drive Club, Dayne tries Smite on Xbox and Rico is sucked back into Destiny. In this weeks news we report on the giant Witcher 3 patch, Rico sneaks into the Street Fighter V beta, Final Fantasy XV is going to Germany, Microsoft is giving away FREE Porsche’s, girls play soccer, King Leoric comes to Heroes of the Storm, and amiibo cards are stupid. In entertainment news we get a couple new trailers, one for the new Bond flick and our first look at Pixar’s next movie The Good Dinosaur. Dayne gives his quick impression of Antman and we also talk about TV functionality on the Xbox One.

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