Canadian Game Prices on the Rise?

Game prices

I’m not one to start blazing any trails when it comes to real journalism however I feel like I’m the only out there that seems to have noticed that Canadian gamers are going to be paying more for their games starting this Fall.

When browsing Eb Games website I happened to noticed the homepage was advertising the pre-order for Black Ops III, at first glance things seems pretty normal. I then noticed the price, $79.99 CDN and this wasn’t for any special edition. This was for the regular run of the mill standard edition, no extra bells and whistles except maybe some BS day one pre-oder downloadable crap. So, I started digging and noticed that Star Wars Battlefront was also marked up to the new low price of $79.99. To be clear since the Canadian dollar started slipping over a year ago game prices immediately went up $10 to $69.99, however the dollar has stabilized and to be exact actually went up recently. So, why the price increase? Does Eb Games know something we don’t, will the Canadian dollar crash this Fall and we should all invest in US currency while we still can? or are we getting f*cked? My money is on the getting screwed part. This leads me to wonder if our American friends have an ugly price increase coming their way? To be fair the increased prices have been spotted on as well and I’m sure other retailers are following suit so Eb Games isn’t the only guilty party.  I just thought it was strange that nobody has seemed to notice or made a stink.

My suggestion is that you please refrain from pre-ordering any titles and letting the retailers know that this increase isn’t OK. Hopefully I haven’t stumbled onto the future price of admission for gaming, as it is already an expense hobby to begin with.

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