League of Legends Cosplay PAX Prime 2014

PAX Prime Cosplay 2014 (13)

Check out some of the amazing League of Legends cosplay we were able to capture during our visit to PAX. I can’t believe how great all these costumes look, maybe one day we’ll see my ugly mug in this gallery wearing a costume. My personal favorite was the female version of Darius, SLAM DUNK! Which is your favorite? Also, if you happen to be one of the cosplayers in our gallery please leave a comment so people can find more of your work. I’ve only been playing League for month so give me a break if there are some non League cosplayers that have snuck in here.

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10 thoughts on “League of Legends Cosplay PAX Prime 2014

    1. That was pretty cool when you climbed the tree. I was hoping to get more photos but we had to get into line to watch the finals. PAX was so much fun.

  1. Wow some of those are amazing. Two comments : #1 – I feel like I’m out of the game, there were a ton that I didn’t recognize. #2 – The Katarina with the bright red hair is super cute. Count me in for PAX next year Rico

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