Finally Someone Made A Good Tomb Raider Film!

Croft Film

So over the Christmas holiday’s this phenomenal fan film, Croft, was released. Created by Director Trevor Addie and Producer Irma Evangelista as a more gritty, hard hitting version of Lara Croft that falls much more in line with the newest game that was released last year. This is a fan film done right! Not to mention I can’t believe these guys did this film on virtually no budget, I would LOVE to see what they could do with some actual money behind them….. Here is hoping the studio is listening, let these guys do a real film!

Also you can also check them out on Facebook for all the latest updates. I I hope we can get the word out to see what they could get done with a Studio and a real budget behind them!

By Dayne “Anjel” Cody

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