Wii U $199 this Weekend at Walmart


If you were on the fence or even thinking about getting a Wii U, now may be the right time to run out and get one. This long weekend Walmart Canada has the basic set for $199, which is in my opinion a fantastic deal. Don’t have a Walmart in your area? No problem, we have confirmation that Futureshop will price match this promotion. Our very own writer Dayne just picked up his own Wii U for $194 after getting Futureshop to price match and beat Walmart’s price. Your mileage may very, so if $5 isn’t worth the hassle just head down to your nearest Walmart and take advantage of this wicked deal.

By Ricardo “Rico” Ferreira

3 thoughts on “Wii U $199 this Weekend at Walmart

  1. Walmart sold out locally, Future Shop sold out locally. Future Shop has it on sale for $249 but only has stock online. Not worth buying for $50 off, by the time you factor in GST and PST you might as well buy one used. There are at least two on usedvictoria used but brand new in box.

    And now my rant:
    I’m starting to get real fed up with video game consoles. Consoles are overpriced and the games are overpriced. We gamers are scrounging around trying to get $50 off, but then your first game costs you $59 anyways, so what’s the point? It’s time for a revolution – something halfway between the 100 hour $60 games on consoles and the 30 second 99 cent games on the app store. We need games that are $5-20, a medium length (less repetition and filler crap) and stored in the cloud, not sold in stores (ie cut out the middleman). Why can’t companies see this? Microsoft started down this road but got majorly bitch slapped at E3. If they had announced that all games would be in the $20-$25 range because they can’t be resold they would have won the hearts and minds of a lot of people. Instead Microsoft did what’s best for Microsoft, kept prices high, ignored the gamer and here we are stuck in the same hamster wheel of shit overpriced console games and 99 cent shovelware from app store. Who can save us? Steam store on the iPad? Something brand new?

  2. Thats too bad you couldn’t find one, I went to Futureshop and they pricematched it for me. So it was 194$ before taxes, that really isn’t a bad price.
    I agree about the game prices being so high though. I mean 59$ for a Super Mario Bros game is CRAZY! Lucky for me I had a gift cert so it was much less. And at least Lego City Undercover was a decent price at 49$ But I agree, games are WAY too expensive. BUT the reason they are, is that game dev is EXPENSIVE, and they are trying to get the money back, personally I feel they would sell more at a lower price then less at a High one, But at least if your a Playstation plus member you get all kinds of free games every month, so that helps. But at the end of the day PC gaming with Steam and Steam sales is really the way to go.

    1. Nelson

      I would disagree about prices with console gaming. I do agree that games should be priced accordingly to what the product is. Paying $60 for a rehashed Mario game, get real Nintendo and reinvent your games like you did back in the day for Mario 64!!!
      Back in the day, I remember buying original NES & SNES for $60 – $80. Zelda 64, Starfox64 for $100. Now due to inflation, gaming is at a reasonable price (not comparing it to Steam). Just my 2 cents.

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