Hands on with Divekick

diveKickLogoWhat started out as a joke has turned into a hilariously successful take on the fighting game genre. Divekick is simple, gone are the complex combos and impossible special moves. Divekick simply has 2 buttons: dive and kick. Unlike conventional fighters anyone can play Divekick, each round is a one-hit knockout and the strategy comes from outmaneuvering your opponent. I played Divekick at PAX East and it was a blast, I’ll definitely be picking it up for our games night. Check out some screens and the trailer below.


At PAX East, Iron Galaxy set the game up with custom Divekick controllers, hopefully these controllers will become available for purchase in the future.

Divekick will land on PC, PlayStation 3 and Vita this summer.

By Ricardo “Rico” Ferreira

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