Nintendo Announces Wii Mini for $99 Exclusively in Canada


Available Dec. 7th exclusively in Canada, the Wii Mini will be available for $99 which includes the system, red Wii-mote and nunchuk. The price is right but unfortunately it comes at a cost, the Wii Mini has no internet capabilities and can’t play Gamecube games. Wii Mini is designed exclusively to play Wii games and that’s about it. I’m sure most gamers won’t miss these features but with the Wii U now available I just don’t see the sense in releasing this downgraded Wii console.

By Ricardo “Rico” Ferreira



2 thoughts on “Nintendo Announces Wii Mini for $99 Exclusively in Canada

    1. I don’t get it either, seems strange. At this point in the systems life you’d think they could just cut the price to $99 without sacrificing any features.

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