Review: THEATRHYTHM Final Fantasy – Nintendo 3DS

by Ricardo Ferreira

Theatrhythm is an exceptional celebration of all things Final Fantasy.

I picked up Theatrhythm on a whim and was pleasantly surprised by an amazing little game that totally surpassed my expectations. If you don’t like rhythm games move along there’s nothing to see here. However if you’ve enjoyed titles like Elite Beat Agents or even Rock Band there is alot to enjoy here. The icing on the cake though is the amazing Final Fantasy music taken from all the titles over the storied history of the franchise. Theatrhythm is a simple yet quickly to get complex Rhythm action game that mainly consists of tapping and dragging the stylus accross the 3DS screen to some of the Greatest Final Fantasy tunes. There are plenty of gamplay modes that are enriched with simple RPG elements from forming a party using lead characters from the various Final Fantasy titles and even a leveling up mechanic. The game consists of 3 modes, Series, Challenge and Chaos Shrine which include their own challenges and tons of unlockables which add to the extreme replayability of this title. Theatrhythm even has a multiplayer mode where you and up-to 3 other players can join forces to take down enemies, unfortunately I haven’t had the chance to try this mode out for myself. All in all Theatrhythm is a great game that came out of nowhere to pleasantly surprise me with its addicting gameplay and music.

Must buy for Final Fantasy Fans or just Rhythm game fans in general

SCORE 9/10


Here’s a video of me killing Sephiroth during a One Winged Angel playthrough.


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