Sony Sells 1 Million Playstation 4’s In The first 24 Hours

PS4, Controller and PS Eye.
PS4, Controller and PS Eye.

Sony has announced, that the Playstation 4 has sold through 1 Million Units in its first 24 hours since it launched on Nov 15, in the USA and Canada.

This is a huge number for a console launch, never have we seen these kind of numbers coming out of a console launch. Even the Nintendo Wii only sold through about 600k units in its first week on sale. These are fantastic numbers for Sony and it will be very interesting to see how the Xbox One does in comparison when it is launched this Friday. The real question that I keep asking, is wither  or not Sony can keep it up over the next several months, as these are usually the hardest on new consoles, as the launch games have been released, but the second wave of games hasn’t hit yet. So if Sony can keep the games coming over the next several months, they may really have a phenomenon on their hands. The other challenge they are going to face, is if they can keep up with demand for the console, especially with the European launch just around the corner.

But regardless, 1 Million consoles sold through is a fantastic accomplishment, Congrats Sony! Here is to more great games to come!

Via- Press Release

By Dayne Cody


How To Install A Bigger Hard Drive Into Your PS4

Vertical stand for PS4

Today, our friends over at Gamespot, have posted a video showing how to change out the hard drive in the PS4. Sony has made it very easy to swap out to a bigger hard drive or to a faster one, like an SSD, and like the PS3, it does not void the warranty. For the step by step instructions, take a look at the video below.

Seeing how big game installs are going to be on the PS4 and the fact that they are mandatory, will definitely have me upgrading to a much bigger hard drive shortly after launch. What about you guys? upgrading your hard drive in your PS4?


By Dayne “Anjel” Cody