Hoping For A New X-Wing VS Tie-Fighter Game? Then GoD Factory: Wingmen Is The Game For You


Lets face it, the chances of us getting a new X-Wing VS Tie-Fighter game is slim to non. But have no fear my friends, as Nine Dots Studio are working on a squad based, competitive, space combat simulator. This is a game where you customize a ship, and then you and your squad go out there, shoot down enemy ships, and attempt to blow up their carrier. Seriously, check out some early footage of that dogfighting action below.

And just to show off how far this talented studio has come, here is the video they were showing off at PAX (along with being able to play the beta) I gotta say, I played a bit of this at PAX myself, and I was highly impressed, the game plays great, it looks fantastic, and really managed to scratch that space combat itch that has been SORELY missing in the gaming landscape of late.

Now if you think that this is something you are interested in playing, I urge you to get over to their Kickstarter HERE, and help them reach their goal. They have less then 48 hours left, and so if you have been yearning for a new X-Wing VS Tie Fighter, get in there and help em out, as this is definitely the closest you are gunna get, at least for now.

GoD Factory: Wingmen – Kickstarter

By Dayne “Anjel” Cody

From the creators of Mark of the Ninja comes a new game, Incognita, and man it looks cool


From the guys that brought us last years Incredible, Mark of the Ninja, Klei are at it again, throwing the stealth genre on it’s head with their new one, Incognita.  I think the video does the best job for showing this game off, so I will just say, take a watch below.

So Incognita is Available for early alpha access on Windows PC’s here. It is also on the way to steam in the coming future. Also if you have yet to pick up their other simply amazing game Mark of the Ninja it too is available on Steam here.

By Dayne “Anjel” Cody